Thanksgiving Day Event

Stack of pancakesThe Morrisville Student Loan Fund’s annual Thanksgiving Day Pancake Breakfast is our main fund-raising event, and highlights the MSLF commitment to our community. Proceeds are used for grants and interest-free educational loans for local, Morrisville PA High School graduates to help our students be able to reach their goals of Flapjack Guygoing to college or trade school.

See you Thanksgiving Day! The event runs 7 to 10 am, cost: Adults – $7 and children under 12 – $4.

The breakfast is a boro tradition that is our way of acknowledgingMan cooking pancakes  traditional Morrisville history (which for many years included the Morrisville -Bristol football game). This event also provides a way for families, individual residents and guests to start Thanksgiving day with positive spirit, conversations with friends and neighbors, and delicious food.

Career choicesAll of the proceeds support a great cause — facilitating the career paths of our sons and daughters.